. Samosir Music International 25-26 Aug 2023

Samosir Music International 25-26 Aug 2023

Samosir Music International 25-26 Aug 2023.

Samosir, S24
-Jangan lupa event SMI Samosir Music International 25-26 Aug 2023 di TukTuk Siadong Pulau Samosir Danau Toba. Bisa pesan tiketnya secara online di : https://eventa.id/smi2023.

Samosir Music International Festival 2023

Samosir Music International (SMI) is an annual August concert series held in the beautiful Open Air Stage Tuk Tuk Samosir Island and has been held every year since 2014. The SMI is an organization that aims to engage and inspire local, national, and international communities of composers, performers, creators, and concert-goers through world-class performances of adventurous music.

SMI is committed to premiering new works, programming fresh and compelling music, and providing professional opportunities for established and emerging performers.

The Samosir Music International is both a gathering place for some of the most interesting musicians – and interested audiences – working across genres nationally and internationally, and an event showcasing the broad diversity of talent of local musicians and bringing together the community.

The SMI is also giving the opportunity to the national and international performers to learn and perform the local song and music in their own music style.This way , we aim to show  that Batak songs have their own distinct beauty and adjust easily to be played in all genres .
The free concerts of the Festival feature creative local musicians from across genres presented in the most accessible way to the most diverse audience possible in a variety of public spaces with a spirit of community-minded opennes  The range of musicians spans creative up-and-coming rock bands, folk musicians from a variety of traditions around the world, forward-looking reggae music, and much more. 

These concerts are curated in such a way to allow large audiences to hear as wide a variety of music as possible, and to encourage them to make connections between these musics and rethink their previous assumptions about what music can be, all in a fun, festive environment.

The programming of the Festival also seeks to build awareness of the public spaces of the Island of Samosir  – Lake Toba by creatively reimagining them for a variety of performances. In doing so, the Festival seeks to highlight the Village as a walkable urban environment surrounded by natural beauty and full of potential public gathering spaces.

The adjective that serves as the broad umbrella under which the Festival’s diverse musicians and audiences can come together is ‘adventurous’: it describes both the unifying spirit of the musicians’ approach to creating and the audience’s approach to experiencing. (S24-Rel)
Samosir Music International 25-26 Aug 2023

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